Saturday, April 30, 2011

Benefice Magazine Editorial May 2011


Enclosed in this magazine is a little red envelope-that might not seem very exciting, but there is something very special about this little red envelope-it is an invitation to get involved in something alongside millions of others; it is an opportunity to give, pray or take action; it is a calling to look beyond ourselves make a difference and for some of the world’s poorest communities, this little red envelope represents hope. It is, of course, a Christian Aid envelope.

Every year, people of this benefice give generously –some financially, others prayerfully and now is the opportunity to do so again-to make a difference here in this country and overseas.

For so many of the world’s people, life is an unending struggle-a struggle against poverty, disease and famine, against natural disaster, war and exploitation. In the face of such need and desperation, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed and helpless, but we can make a difference. Christian Aid works with partner organisations already involved across the world in helping the poorest of the poorest not only survive hardship today but to dare to hope for a better tomorrow.

We can be part of the bigger picture-of transformation where it seems impossible-imagining how the world would look if we allowed the kingdom of God to be a reality, if we truly believed in abundant life for all and don’t put limits on love and justice-if we act as neighbours should. We can be the change that matters.

Please return your envelope to Foulsham Rectory or to church-wardens.
For more information about Christian Aid Week, please visit

Thank you for your generosity .
Rev Simon Wilson

Friday, April 08, 2011

Call for Churches to Engage with AV referendum

You do not need to be a psephological geek like me to realise that a referendum is taking place on May 5th concerning the adoption of the Alternative Vote system for elections to the House of Commons. It asks a crucial question about how our democratic political system operates and how we interact with it, because how we vote will affect the sort of parliament and government we get out of it.

It is important that churches are aware that the referendum is happening and are equipted to help people think through the issues involved. For some Christians, this may not be an issue that they have given much thought to, however others may hold very strong views and others still would prefer to be answering a different question and considering different systems. Disagreement though should not prevent us bringing our beliefs into the heart of the political process.

Various neutral and informative resources are available to stimulate reflection and discussion including the following which I commend to you:

Faithworks Direct Democracy campaign:

Evangelical Alliance:


In addition to these, the offical campaign sites are at:

There is planned to be a series of hustings meetings organised by church groups across the region which I will advertise when confirmed. Please do let me know of anything happening in your own locality.