Thursday, February 22, 2007

Make Roads Safe

Every minute of every day a child is killed or maimed on the roads. The international community has ignored this growing epidemic. But now we have the chance to secure change.

In November, the United Nations General Assembly in New York will debate the global road safety crisis. We need your help to make sure the UN passes a strong Resolution in support of action to tackle road deaths and injuries across the world.

We need you to tell everyone you know – friends, family, colleagues – about this campaign and urge them to sign the petition, and to tell everyone they know to sign too. So please forward this e-mail and help to make a difference.

Visit to see more ways to support the campaign.

Support UN Global Road Safety Week – 23-29 April 2007.

Please support this worthwhile and relevant initiative.

I was disabled by a car crash and work with those bereaved or injured in crashes on the roads of East Anglia. It is a tragedy not least because so many are preventable. Gun crime and acts of terrorism may get the headlines but many more people are killed or injured on the roads.
Why do we accept it?

Monday, February 05, 2007

funding church buildings

The funding of building repairs is a growing burden and one which is pushing many parish budgets to breaking point and some people feel that the government should be contributing to a much greater extent to supporting what is essentially a community asset. Thanks to the initiative of Mr Bill Blake, a parishioner in Bristol diocese, an on-line petition is now available on the Downing Street website, encouraging the Government to provide more financial help for repair of C of E church buildings. The problem of funding repairs to church buildings goes much wider than the C of E alone, and this valuable local initiative is generally in line with the motion passed at last February's General Synod calling for greater government support, and with discussions currently taking place with Government Departments.

The petition reads:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to arrange for the cost of repairs to C of E church buildings to be reimbursed to help preserve our archaeological & historic heritage for the future.
"Churches are a valuable part of our heritage and a major tourist attraction, yet the funding of repairs is left to the parish in which the building is situated. Thus the cost of maintaining a national asset is left to the minority. This is grossly unfair and should be rectified."

Anyone wishing to sign up simply has to go to:

As you may have read in the press regarding road taxes these petitions do have the capacity to highlight an issue and now this has been set up it would be good to ensure the government is aware that this is a real problem faced by virtually all parishes.

Mordechai Vanunu

For many years, I have been campaigning for the freedom of Mordechai Vanunu, the scientist harassed and imprisoned by Israel after his public voicing of fears regarding the state's secret nuclear weapon programme.

Though released from prison in recent years, Mordechai is still not free. He is barred from travelling, from even being close to any border of Israel, and from meeting foreign journalists. He is regularly arrested for breaching these restrictions - for instance he attempted to go to church in Bethlehem, and he also chats to any foreign guest who he meets at churches and bars in East Jerusalem! He has the most amazing spirit and courage.

The nuclear issue is at the heart of why he was kidnapped and imprisoned in the first place. (His belief is that his Christian faith is at the heart of why he was treated so badly during that time). Anything he revealed is very old news indeed, and gradually it is becoming more acknowledged that Israel does have the nuclear capability that he took the very big personal risk to reveal.

Please continue to pray and campaign for Mordechai.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Email German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Join Oxfam's campaign for trade justice.
Visit to send a message to Angela Merkel

Right now, the European Union (EU) is putting pressure on 75 countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific to accept trade agreements that are unfair.

The EU's current proposals for Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) will threaten livelihoods and hopes of millions of workers in some of the world's poorest countries.

The negotiations are at a critical stage and now is the time to tell the EU that these trade agreements must focus on poverty reduction and so pressure is urgently needed to change the position of EU Member States.

Send a message now to German Chancellor Angela Merkel who will be meeting other EU leaders during Germany's EU Presidency, which has just started. Tell her to listen to the concerns of poor nations and to use her enormous influence to make sure that EU trade policy is based on fair rules which help to lift people out of poverty.

party animals

Am I alone in being disappointed yet slightly relieved at the biased underrepresentation of Liberal Democrats in last night's first edition of the new and promising BBC2 drama series?!