Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The death toll from Cyclone Nargis continues to rise and over 1.5 millionpeople are now at risk. We know that diseases, such as cholera, dysenteryand malaria, are spreading. If the world does not intervene soon, the deathtoll could rise by thousands every day.No country could cope with a disaster of this scale alone, yet Burma¹sGenerals are shunning the world¹s offers of help; they¹d rather see theircitizens die than accept help from overseas.If any country can make the generals change their mind, it is China. We havewitnessed the recent terrible loss of life in China following thedevastating earthquake. However, the response to the two natural disasterscould not be more different. While the Chinese government responded quickly,dispatching 50,000 troops, and Premier Wen Jiabao immediately flying to thedisaster area, the Burmese regime continues to block aid efforts.China has a very close relationship with Burma¹s generals, supplying themwith weapons, economic assistance and protecting them at the UN SecurityCouncil. This weekend China blocked moves at the UN for a Security Councilresolution telling the generals to let aid in. Every hour China protectsBurma, more people will die.

Monday, May 05, 2008

one match that sums up a season

One match that sums up a season is an apt description of Norwich City's 4-1 away defeat at Sheffield Wednesday yesterday.

First half we dominate; golden goal from Huckerby; lots of possession and creating chances but failing to put any away.

Second half we lose concentration and start making mistakes letting Sheff Wed not only into the game but letting them score 4 as our defence does its' familiar disappearing trick.

It is true that Wednesday were still in danger of relegation and we were safe (just) but the huge travelling support deserved more.

The only other highlight was the fantastic send-off for Dion Dublin-what a legend!

At last this rollercoaster of a season is over. When we were not only bottom but 5 points adift relegation seemed an absolute certainty. What a difference Glenn Roeder made with some awesome loan players and a 13 match unbeaton run made us dream of the play-offs. Norwich being Norwich though we flirted with the relegation zone before finally making ourselves safe.

This summer needs some serious buying and rebuilding. We will now see how good Roeder is. Massive investment is needed. Dela needs to sell lots of books. Regular crowds of 25000+ deserve more than a great stadium and unique Delia branded restaurant, bistro, diner and hotel.

Roll on next season. ON THE BALL CITY!

Local Elections- some random Liberal Democrat thoughts

Here are my inital random thoughts from the local and London mayoral elections:

I am both encouraged and concerned.

That we could have done a lot worse and it appears that we did well in our key parliamentary areas.

That we are not very good at fighting elections under PR.

That if, as time moves on, Brown looks certain to lose overall majority, he could offer some form of PR to win our qualified support in Parliament.

That, if the economy does start to pick, he could still get hiomself ouf of the hole he finds himself in.

That the tories are quite capable of blowing it and the smugger that Cameron, Johnson and Osborne get the more people will go off them.

That the European Elections will raise the profile of UKIP which may cost them some votes.

That the Crew and Henley by-elections will be tricky.

That a clearer narrative and identifiable policies are needed.

That the London camapign shows that when Labour and Tory are really going for each other, we need to develop very sharp elbows!