Sunday, September 10, 2006



There was once a man who had grown tired and cynical. Nothing brought him wonder or joy, and life itself held no magic. One day he decided to leave his own home town, where everything was familiar, and search for the perfect Magical City where had heard that all was different, new, full and rewarding. So he left. On his journey he found himself in a forest. He settled down for the night, prepared a fire and had a bite to eat. Before he retired for the night he was careful to take off his shoes and point them towards his destination. However, unknown to him, while he slept some students came and, seeking some fun, turned the shoes around. When the traveller awoke the next morning he carefully stepped into his shoes and continued on his way to the Magical City. After a few days, he found it-not quite as large as he had imagined. In fact, it looked somewhat familiar. He found a familiar street, knocked on a familiar door, met a familiar family he found there and lived happily ever after.

Moving is great. It is about new starts and opportunities, exploring and discovering new places, meeting strangers becoming friends. Somehow even the tiredest furniture can look fresh and funky in new surroundings. Nothing is more satisfying than a house lived in by others beginning to feel like home. Whilst a child, my family moved home frequently. By the age of 10, I had already moved 6 times. Surely little beats the excitement of the first day at a new school or the challenges of a new job. But as the parable above reminds us, moving forwards and new beginnings do not have to be drastic to be significant. Sometimes new visions and changed attitudes can be enough.

The Christian pilgrimage is a journey for eager travellers; for those who feel the constant tug of the road; for people liberated by challenges and opportunities; for those who love life but love it too much to commit themselves to only one part of it; for people who stay long enough to learn the truth of a place, but who eventually shoulder their pack and say goodbye. To be on a journey and re-pitch our tents is enough. For when we do that, we are following an inner urge, the voice calling from the depths.

So, as Veronica and myself move to Foulsham; as Veronica becomes Rector of Foulsham, Stibbard, Wood Norton, Guestwick and Themelthorpe; Simon Diocesan Co-ordinator for Social and Community Concerns; please pray for us as we pray for you and thanks for all you are and all you do.


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I see that some things don't change - once an activist.....

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