Friday, October 06, 2006

Moving on

After 4 years in Hellesdon, Veronica and I are moving to Foulsham (near Fakenham) where she will be Rector to 5 rural parishes. I will continue with police and fire chaplaincy and am now also the Social Responsibility/Community officer for the Diocese on Norwich with a remit to cover areas such as criminal justice; asylum seekers, migrant workers and traffiking issues; housing; peace and reconciliation; International Development issues; Make Poverty History; HIV and Aids; health, wholeness and healing; interfaith and multicultural issues; community cohesion...
I also see this as a political position as it is about institutional change and welfare provision. Most importantly though, I will be journeying with people through life and enabling them to see the bigger picture.
I am a member of the Liberal Democrat Crime and Community policy working group and a member of the party's regional policy committee. We are moving to the new Broadland seat which is an interesting one...
I would reallly value any input on Social Responsibility issues.

PS I was humbled and astonished that my blog should reach the lofty heaights of 71st on Iain Dales list of the top 100 Lib Dem blogs Very encouraging indeed!


Anonymous said...

Can I suggest you contact Cllr James Joyce. He is both your district and County Councillor, he is a Lib Dem and I'm sure he would appreciate the help. It id good to have some keen people moving to the constituency.

His number is 01603 872651.

I'll check out your blog again and I'll link mine to it.

Simon Wilson said...

That would be appreciated. Before entering the Church (my wife and I are both vicars), I worked full-time for the party in various capacities including Agent to Andrew Duff, so am looking forward to getting involved again at local level.