Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tory arrogance in North Norfolk

The new Tory candidiate for North Norfolk may have been in place for less than a week, but his arrogance has already embarassed and upset local constituents. Trevor Ivory has promised that he "can't wait to get rid of that nasty Mr Lamb. Give me just one election to beat him." Who does he think he is?
At this rate Norman Lamb's 10,606 majority will be rising on a daily baisis.

Mr Ivory is no stranger to controvesy after being forced to apologise for his call for Tony Blair to commit suicide to raise Labour morale! What a pleasant man (not!).


James said...

Sounds like deja vu all over again.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I posted something in a similar vein on my blog last week. It's the sheer arrogance that shocks me. I was in North Norfolk on Monday and one or two people who are Tory inclined said they were far from impressed.

Antony said...

Oh purleeessseee. Just one question - why is this blog listed under Norfolk rather than LibDem on your site Nich? I visited it rather thinking it was something else. Not a party point, just an observation.