Monday, May 05, 2008

Local Elections- some random Liberal Democrat thoughts

Here are my inital random thoughts from the local and London mayoral elections:

I am both encouraged and concerned.

That we could have done a lot worse and it appears that we did well in our key parliamentary areas.

That we are not very good at fighting elections under PR.

That if, as time moves on, Brown looks certain to lose overall majority, he could offer some form of PR to win our qualified support in Parliament.

That, if the economy does start to pick, he could still get hiomself ouf of the hole he finds himself in.

That the tories are quite capable of blowing it and the smugger that Cameron, Johnson and Osborne get the more people will go off them.

That the European Elections will raise the profile of UKIP which may cost them some votes.

That the Crew and Henley by-elections will be tricky.

That a clearer narrative and identifiable policies are needed.

That the London camapign shows that when Labour and Tory are really going for each other, we need to develop very sharp elbows!

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Trevor said...

I can't disagree with any of those thoughts however random they are.