Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jade Goody

The illness and death of Jade Goody has been culturally significant and the huge media interest has enabled people to journey with her and engage what our own priorities would be had we been diagnosed with a terminal condition.

Though having never been her greatest fan, I have been really impressed and challenged, both individually and in community,about how nearing end she put things right in her life-in terms of spirituality, marriage, baptism and the welfare and future of her sons.

Jade proved that it is possible to have a "good death" but that does not diminish the pain and suffering her family will be going through. All her life she craved affection and fame-it is slightly ironic that that finally came through her brave struggle by being as much as doing.


Annoyed said...

I think the situation with Jade Goody is nothing but a farce to benefit her own ends. I have recently been told that she has left no money to Cancer research but 4 million to her 2 boys and I would like this confirmed. All she has done is exploited her condition which she was aware of years ago to make money. There are millions of people out there with Cancer who do much more to help with the research and should have more recognition for their hard work.

Simon Wilson said...

I hope you have proof about who Jade left her money to. Hiding behind an anonymous alias suggests you have no evidence.
Yes, there are millions of people dying of cancer. I have a friend who found out that she had ceverical cancer when she went for a smear test-something she only did because the case of Jade Goody made hear realise that young people can get the illness. Luckily, hers is treatable as it was diagnosed early.
I have never been a Jade Goody fan but have the humility to see some good has come out of all the pain and suffering. As someone struggling with an untreatable chronic illness myself, hearing the stories of others can make my journey slighlty easier. Who are you to judge others?