Saturday, May 09, 2009

I am saddened and frustrated that Dr McKee has written a factually inaccurate and politically and theologically incoherent article. We are in an election period and it is a shame that the author has chosen to air these opinions in public rather than be involved in the ongoing and relevant debate inside and outside the Liberal Democrats about the place of religious faith in the public sphere. It should be pointed out that, the recent party conference in Harrogate saw those calling for the closure of faith schools defeated. Instead, the party voted to improve faith schools by making them more inclusive and open working with groups such as Accord a coalition of progressive religious minded people rather than militant secularists.

Dr Mckee may see Evan Harris as some sort of "political anti-Christ" yet many Roman Catholic commentators and leaders have applauded his recent private members bill to overturn the Act of Settlement which since 1701 has discriminated against Catholics.

The Liberal Democrat Christian Forum enjoys the support of many leading Liberal Democrat MPs, peers, councillors and members and has been involved in debates with the humanists and secularists minority within the party striving to increase religious literacy and affirm the valuable role played by people of religious faith in party and community. Surely,constructive debate should come before public diatribe and misinformation. Political and theological credibility is hard to come by and easy to lose. This article may prove very unhelpful to all Liberal Democrats, Christian or secularist alike.


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