Monday, June 08, 2009

BNP- a stain on all our houses

I am appalled that the BNP has won representation in the European Parliament. Their success maybe due to a dishonest campaign including despicable claims to be the only Christian (cit) party, scare tatics and the voice of the white working class communities and feeding off disillusion with mainstream political parties in the midst of an economic recession. Their success though is a stain on our houses so it isesponsibility of all of us to redouble our efforts to campaign and to expose ther true views.I've just received some bad news - the BNP have just won a seat in the European Parliament. It is terrible news for our country.

Please read message below from Nick Lowes of the Hope not Hate campaign.
Or visit:

I am disgusted that the BNP have at least one MEP.While the BNP will take a seat in Brussels they will not represent me - they are not going there in my name.

I've just launched a petition saying just that: BNP - not in my name. We will deliver this petition to the European Parliament on the first day that their MEP takes their seat. I'd like you to sign the petition as well - let's show the rest of the EU what we think of this new MEP:

We will deliver our petition to the European Parliament - I want you to add your name and then get your friends to join in as well.

Let's send a deafening message of defiance: NOT IN OUR NAME.

Thank you so much for all that did during the elections - but now our fight for Hope Not Hate must go on.



jay said...

Not surprising the BNP got votes. The main parties are still out of touch with what REALLY matters to the average person.
But fascism is not the way to go.

Hope not Hate is good. But it is important that there are foundations of practicalities in Hope. Otherwise it is just blind faith that something hopefully good will come out of the political debates.

Though it is a stain on all our houses that a fascist person is voted for, the truth is that we have to deal with those fascist views that the majority of BNP voters voted for. We cannot ignore them or pretend they are not important. Remember the 1930s.

Simon Wilson said...

Thanks Jay-I agree.
It is not enough to tell people not to vote BNP but to tell them why and to make communities feel more connected to decision-makers and policy formers.

I also think that while most anti-fascist campaigners rightly concentrate on the BNP, there are far right voices in other parties and none who need countering.

RevdRMBWest said...

Praise God for the BNP. They are certainly helping politicians to wake-up out of their 'ethic' of self-service and racheteering. They do not strike me as being anything other than decent, hardworking, and honest, ordinary British folk. Please also consider my analysis on the link below.

Best Wishes: