Sunday, August 09, 2009

What's next for Norwich City?

I fall for it everytime:I was feeling optimistic as I strolled up to Carrow Road on a sunny afteroon-the mood was so upbeat- series of disappointing leage campaigns seemed in the past, not least because gone were the loan players instead a new team been built with lots of new faces, seemingly, many with experience of lower league football. Unbeaten pre-season, dared I hope that this would be our season?- back towards the championship this time with momentum going in our favour for a change?

So what happens next (good question for A Question of Sport)? Colchester hardly looked like Champions but by half time were 5-0 up. So much for fortress Carrow Road! Instead the 25000 fans were stunned into near stunned silence. Final result 7-1! Complete and utter capitulation.

Was this just a blip-a bad day at the office? Or symptoms of deeper trouble at Carrow Road and Colney? Is this what we can expect for the rest of season? Some deadwood out New players in, but are they good enough? Is Bryan Gunn experienced enough as manager, team builder and strategist?

I was concerned that despite that absolute horror of a first half-no substitutes emerged from the bench until over an hour of play had passed. Further inept performances like this will soon result in falling attendance figures. I am worried that players like Wes Hollahan wil start to look to ply their trade elsewhere. Matches come thick and fast in this league and it is easy to fall out of contention very quickly indeed. Yesterday triumphalism overtook confidence and we paid the price.

Let's hope for better performances and goals in the coming weeks-starting with Yeovil away in the Carling Cup on Tuesday and Exeter away in the league on Sunday.

I'm not sure whatelse to say-I am still shell shocked by Saturday. Former manager, Nigel Worthington used to talk about bouncebackability (a phrase first coined by Iain Dowie)-lets hope that everyone concerned wakes up and smell the coffee before this crucial season starts going the wrong way fast. At least following Norwich City can never be said to be boring...

So, 45 more league games to go and various cup opportunities ahead. Time to get things sorted, otherwise this could end up being a very long and difficult season indeed.




Simon Wilson said...
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Simon Wilson said...

Thanks to Paul Macinnes for his article in the Guardian today. A Norwich City fan actually thanking the team for Saturday's performance and result as it "negated the foolish optimism associated with the beginning of every new season", inevitably fading out as time goes on and "entirely restored his emotional balance." He thinks that's "something of a record.

Do read the complete column at:

Simon Wilson said...

Following the sacking of Bryan Gunn, this question is even more relevant.

He was not the right person for the job. He had no experience. The ill-fated Peter Grant regime surely should have shown the dangers involved in such an appointment.

At least the board has this time acted decisively. Now the important thing is to make the right appointment to steady the ship and move onwwards and upwards.

Simon Wilson said...

What a difference a few weeks make.
Paul Lambert has proved a huge success, getting the players to perform, winning matches sometimes by clever football and sometimes by grinding out results.

Not only are we now 2nd in the league in that important automatic promotion place, but it is a joy to go to Carrow Road.

On the Ball City!!