Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tory business letter writing supporters being rewarded with peerages

It seems an age ago that the opening salvos of the General Election were dominated by arguments, claims and counter-claims over Labour's proposals for increases in national insurance. In response, the Conservatives produced letters supporting their opposition signed by a number of business-people.

Not suprisingly, many of them are known to be long-time Conservative party members, supporters and donors; others Labour claim were "deceived" into signing.

This issue then got diverted by the triumph of Nick Clegg in the first of the Prime Ministerial TV debates.

One thing interests me about these people-I cannot help myself speculating as to how many of these Conservative supporters will be rewarded by peerages and honours. Apparently, this process has already started with news that the appointments of Next chief executive Simon Wolfson and JCB chairman Sir Anthony Bamford to the peerage have been approved by the appointments commission and would be announced 'imminently'.

Over the coming months and years, it will be interesting to see which other business people in the same way. I will report back at regular intervals.

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