Monday, February 05, 2007

Mordechai Vanunu

For many years, I have been campaigning for the freedom of Mordechai Vanunu, the scientist harassed and imprisoned by Israel after his public voicing of fears regarding the state's secret nuclear weapon programme.

Though released from prison in recent years, Mordechai is still not free. He is barred from travelling, from even being close to any border of Israel, and from meeting foreign journalists. He is regularly arrested for breaching these restrictions - for instance he attempted to go to church in Bethlehem, and he also chats to any foreign guest who he meets at churches and bars in East Jerusalem! He has the most amazing spirit and courage.

The nuclear issue is at the heart of why he was kidnapped and imprisoned in the first place. (His belief is that his Christian faith is at the heart of why he was treated so badly during that time). Anything he revealed is very old news indeed, and gradually it is becoming more acknowledged that Israel does have the nuclear capability that he took the very big personal risk to reveal.

Please continue to pray and campaign for Mordechai.


Bob Egerton said...

Well done, Simon. Mr Vanunu needs and deserves the support of all of us who believe in the freedom of speech. He caused no danger to the Israeli government or Israeli people in publicising their nuclear programme, just embarrassment. Keep up the good work.

Linda said...

Hi Simon

I met and interviewed Mordechai when I was in Israel last staying at St George's where he was then living under the protection of Bishop Riah, and hope to see him when I visit in March. What struck me most was that he believed his treatment was largely due to his converting to Christianity, and interesting dilemma for Anglicans for Israel!