Thursday, February 22, 2007

Make Roads Safe

Every minute of every day a child is killed or maimed on the roads. The international community has ignored this growing epidemic. But now we have the chance to secure change.

In November, the United Nations General Assembly in New York will debate the global road safety crisis. We need your help to make sure the UN passes a strong Resolution in support of action to tackle road deaths and injuries across the world.

We need you to tell everyone you know – friends, family, colleagues – about this campaign and urge them to sign the petition, and to tell everyone they know to sign too. So please forward this e-mail and help to make a difference.

Visit to see more ways to support the campaign.

Support UN Global Road Safety Week – 23-29 April 2007.

Please support this worthwhile and relevant initiative.

I was disabled by a car crash and work with those bereaved or injured in crashes on the roads of East Anglia. It is a tragedy not least because so many are preventable. Gun crime and acts of terrorism may get the headlines but many more people are killed or injured on the roads.
Why do we accept it?

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