Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwich North by-election result

Here is the result but what does it mean for politics, parties, policies and people?

At the By Election in Norwich North on 23rd July 2009, 34379 votes were cast (approximately 45% of the total number of eligible voters) with the following result:

39.5% Chloe Smith (Conservative): 13591 votes (+6.3%).

18.2% Chris Ostrowski (Labour): 6243 votes (-26.7%).

14% April Pond (Liberal Democrat): 4803 votes (-2.2%).

11.8% Glenn Tingle (UK Independence Party): 4068 votes (+9.4%).

9.7% Rupert Read (Green Party): 3350 votes (+7%).

2.8% Craig Murray (Put An Honest Man into Parliament): 953 votes.

2.7% Robert West (British National Party): 941 votes.

0.5% Bill Holden (Independent Candidate): 166 votes (-0.2%).

0.4% Laud Howling (Official Monster Raving Loony Party): 144 votes.

0.2% Anne Fryatt (None of The Above Party): 59 votes.

0.1% Thomas Burridge (Libertarian Party): 36 votes.

0.1% Peter Baggs (Independent Candidate): 23 votes.

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RevdRMBWest said...

Norwich North has apparently voted for "change". Well, in one sense it may have, unwittingly, and because of far-left bullying and misdescription. There will be more migrants and more of Muslim sharia, even though the people do not want this. None of this is Christian or likely to preserve the British way of life in their own country. I feel that we need to be honest with the electors and show them what more of the same kind of change will bring them. It strikes me that to bring this kind of change on a people in their own country is deeply racist. I cannot see any moral justification for it or any good coming from it.