Thursday, July 23, 2009

Secularists attempt to drive faith from politics

Over at Conservative Home, Tim Montgomerie brings news of The National Secular Society's latest unwarranted attack on the participation of people from religious faith prespectives in politics.

This time the target is David Kerr, SNP Candidate in the forthcoming Glasgow East by-election. He has been open about his membership of Opus Dei and rightly tells the Scotsman (190709)that it is "preposterous and deeply prejudiced" to argue that somebody of his religious beliefs should be "debarred" from running for public office.

Unsuprisingly, the NSS disagree and claim that "The concern for voters would be that such a person would have their allegiance to the Church and not to the SNP. It is one thing to bring your religious beliefs to politics, but it is another to bring the dogmas of a right-wing Catholic organisation. That would be the worry for voters."

It is people of faith who are at the forefront social reform remaining significant drivers of community cohesion and social capital. The NSS should be doing likewise.

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