Monday, January 29, 2007

Dealing with the BNP

The February 2007 issue of SEARCHLIGHT magazine- the consistently impressive and helpful journal which highlights and campaigns against manifestations of fascism and racism across the world, carries an interesting item in its editorial column.

Headed "a dangerous precedent", it criticises 2 unnamed Liberal Democrat councillors in Burnley for voting for a BNP councillor (Sharon Wilkinson)rather than a Labour councillor to sit on the Padiham Life committee. Apparently they defended their decision by claiming she was a good councillor and the best person for the job. Searchlight rightly see this as a "dangerous and worrying development" and go on to warn (correctly in my view) that "the BNP craves respectability and it has been handed to the fascists on a plate".

I do not know the full details of this case but it does raise a challenging question about how we as Liberal Democrats deal with BNP councillors who may have been democratically elected but hold dangerous views. I would be interested to know what others think about this.


Ed said...

Sounds horrifying - have you tried contacting ALDC for more info or to see if they are aware?


fred said...

What the same searchlight magazine that is run by convicted crimnals?What is so dangerous?Liberal Democrats actually using common sense for once.So they thought she was the best person for the job,novel idea that.When are people going to realise that the BNP are not nazis or racists.Just keep reading the lies in the searchlight rag,you dont seem to want a rounded opinion.

Simon Wilson said...

Fred-I don't think that it is me who is afraid of a rounded opinion. I would rather trust Searchlight than groups such as Redwatch who peddle this nonsense. The BNP and its sympathisers have a long way to go if they are going to even begin to persuade anyone that they are not nazi or racists as you naively claim.