Saturday, January 27, 2007

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day-a day to look backwards with regret and forwards with hope. This year's theme is the dignity of difference and how that slogan can become a reality across the world.
I have been proud to have been involved in Holocaust Memorial Day for several years now and tonight am leading an event in Stibbard (6.30pm at the Methodist Church), a small rural community in Norfolk. We have been encouraged by the local interest and hope that community and political leaders will be supportive too.
So why is Holocaust Memorial Day important? What are the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s objectives?
•To commemorate and remember the victims of the Holocaust;
the persecution and mass murder of six million Jews.
• To commemorate and remember the victims of persecution and
murder that resulted from the targeting of other groups of
people by Nazi race policies. These include the Roma and Sinti,
black people, mentally and physically disabled people, lesbian
and gay people and many of the Slavic peoples;
• To promote harmony between communities, including racial and
religious harmony;
• To promote universal human rights;
• To promote equality and diversity and the elimination of
discrimination by raising awareness of the causes and effects of
racism and prejudice in society. This includes awareness of the
impact of the Holocaust and other acts of systematic
discrimination that leads to genocide.
Please support it.


Daniel said...

Hi Simon,

Just thought you might like to know, Stibbard Methodists have launched a new website. It includes mention of the Memorial service and so thought you'd be interested in having a look.

The address is:

Many thanks,

Webmaster, Stibbard Methodist Church

Simon Wilson said...

Thanks very much Daniel for the message and also for your hard work as Webmaster