Friday, January 05, 2007

Tory hypocrisy on human trafficking

I was disappointed but not suprised to see that despite Cameron's recent rhetoric, the Tories are not delivering anything constructive in the run-up to Freedom day in March-the bicentary of the abolition of slavery following the campaigning work of William Wilberforce and others (liberals and Liberals and whigs!). This is not just about history though-there are more people in slavery in the world today and trafficking for sex or labour is an increasing (even if often hidden) reality for many in the UK.

Responding to David Davis's support for international human trafficking treaties, Liberal Democrat International Development Spokesperson, Lord (Roger) Roberts said:"I am astonished to see the Conservative party's sudden concern about human trafficking."In two recent House of Lords debates on modern day slavery and asylum and immigration, the Conservative benches were empty apart from one solitary spokesperson."Their total lack of interest in these matters was a cause for comment. One peer stated specifically that he intervened in one of the debates because no other Conservative backbencher was present to say anything."It is blatant hypocrisy for David Davis to use this issue to try to garner support from the many people who have a genuine concern about these matters. Where were they during the Lords debates?"Conservative concern and compassion? It is all sound and fury signifying nothing."

Now why doesn't that suprise me!

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Tristan said...

Surely there were no Liberals then?
People we may identify as liberals and radicals and of course the Whiggs.

Interesting fact is that WE Gladstone's first parliamentary speech was against ending slavery... that was in 1833...

1807 was the ending of the slave trade, slave owning was still legal until the Emancipation Act of 1833