Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Together we can cut crime

On the doorsteps, across the breakfast tables and at the local pub crime in general, and antisocial behaviour, in particular remains one of the biggest issues in Britain today.
As a member of the crime policy working group, I know that much thought, consultation and contemplation have gone into this process and the resulting policy paper is soundly liberal and democratic.

We propose real action at a national level and acting to cut crime where we are in power locally.
Violent crime is rising, anti-social behaviour is still a serious problem, and our prisons are overflowing. Labour have talked tough but have failed to deliver despite 10 years in power.
The Tories are in disarray on crime. One day it's hug a hoodie; the next it's slap a hoodie. Who knows what the Tories stand for now? What we do know is that the last Tory government cut police numbers and let violent crime double.

Enough is enough. Tough talk doesn't tackle crime - we've learnt that from the last twenty years of Labour and Conservative failure. This campaign is about taking effective action to make our country safer.

We need more police, freed from the burden of bureaucracy, to take back our town centres, especially after dark. Instead of spending billions of pounds on compulsory ID cards for innocent, law-abiding citizens, that money should be spent on targeting criminals and tackling crime.
We need a prison system that works. Prisoners should work to pay compensation to their victims, and to cut reoffending. A life sentence should mean life.
We are serious about cutting crime. Together we can do it.


Ian said...

The Lib Dem proposal hits the nail on the head as regards ID cards. As well as being utterly irrelevant to the fight against crime, they and the associated database state are an affront to liberty.

I would however like to know more about the Lib Dems' position on 'crime prevention orders'. I am concerned about New Labour proposals for Violent Offender Orders and Serious Crime Prevention Orders that will seriously damage the legal provision that individuals are innocent until proven guilty.

In view of the fact that the new campaign website indicates Lib Dem support for ASBOs, what is your position on the aforementioned proposals?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think that some ASBO's have value, but the dishing out of ASBO's as a cure all for every problem has been shown to be a failure.

Targeted ASBO's, with proper support to ensure that it isn't the end of the process is important. An ASBO solvs nothing and generally moevs a problem on to another area. ASBO's need to be matched with appropriate behaviour contracts, proper enforcement of the ASBOs, proper action by the police along with support from social workers, social serviecs and other intersted charities.